I think my new car is jinxed. First the windscreen got cracked while we were on holiday; now a pheasant is stuck in the grill! The car is booked in to have the pheasant removed tomorrow and to find the extent of the damage. Hopefully, it only needs a new plastic grill!

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Storm Damage!

A couple of weeks ago, there were some pretty big storms with lots of wind and rain. The tomatoes (and other plants!) suffered under the onslaught; a lot of the tomatoes and several sweetcorn plants were at a decidedly odd angle when the sun came out again! Obviously, the plants needed to be straightened. So, […]

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Well, not exactly, but there are the first signs of tomatoes on the plants! They are very small, and some seem to have funny things hanging from the bottom, but they’re still tomatoes! While not wanting to count chickens before they’ve hatched, we do seem to be having some success growing our own vegetables. The […]

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Flowering Tomatoes

The tomatoes have been growing reasonably well and they’ve started flowering. They haven’t got particularly tall, which is a bit of a surprise. The kids are crouching next to the tomato plants, to give you an idea how tall they have got (the plants that is, not the kids!). So now we’re wondering how tall […]

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The tomatoes are in the ground!

The tomatoes have been making great progress and we decided to put them in the ground last weekend. So, we made the vegetable patch a little bigger, dug a couple of small trenches and planted the sprouting tomatoes in the ground. They’ve been in the ground for a week now, and seem to be doing […]

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Growing Tomatoes

My Dad gave my two kids a pot of windowsill tomatoes. He said he wanted to see lots of photos of them sorting out the tomatoes; planting them, watering them and, eventually, eating them! So, today, we started the process of growing the tomatoes. Once the kids had the pot open, they had to water […]

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Euro Elections

I’ve just been watching some of the news coverage of the results of the European election that took place this week. One of the things they’ve been reporting is how the turnout has dropped consistently since the first Euro election 30-odd years ago. Frankly, I’m not surprised at that – I didn’t hear anything about […]

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Simple photography tips

I was idly stumbling and came across this page on another blog. Some very simple tips, but could make for some pretty effective photos! Now, if only I was that artistic and creative – I could write my own tips instead of pinching someone else’s!

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