Black Belt Set Sparring

Three step and two step sparring are described in the P.U.M.A. handbooks but one step isn’t, as it more free-form than three or two step. The following notes show what is expected of students at various grades. For all one step sparring, the attacker should judge the distance by eye. The attacker needs to ensure […]

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Two step sparring

Here are some points about two step sparring that I picked up at today’s session. For the second “set”, where the counter attack is a sliding side elbow strike, it is down to the student to decide if they should step across before sliding. It depends on what position the attacker has ended: is a […]

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Upcoming black belt grading

At my taekwondo session this evening, the instructor was singling out a particular black tag (1st kup) who will be taking her black belt grading in just over a week. The idea was to simulate the pressure she’ll be under at the grading itself. She coped pretty well with it; she has definitely been studying […]

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