Renaming multiple files in git

Git has a command that lets you move files, which is also used to rename files. If you want to rename multiple files, you have to do each file individually. There is some relief, however. If you’re on Linux/Unix and using bash, or if you’re on Windows using git bash, you can rename multiple tracked […]

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Log entry markup

=== Marks the start of a process (where a process may comprise several methods/objects). … Information; useful information that isn’t an error Earlier this year, I worked for an engineer by the name of Tushar. He’s a very bright guy and probably one of the best software engineers I’ve ever worked with. He uses the […]

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WinMerge Line Filters

I used WinMerge to compare the contents of two folders; there were a large number of text files in both sides that were different simply because a version number had been updated. With so many different files showing, it was difficult to determine which files actually needed to be copied from one side to the […]

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Custom SQL in Crystal Reports XI

I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to spend some time generating reports using Crystal Reports XI. One of the things I wanted to do was customise the SQL used to generate the report. Initially, it wasn’t obvious how to do this and Google couldn’t find any hints. Happily, I found out how to customise the SQL used […]

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