Bad Facebook!

I haven’t used Facebook for a long time, because they keep doing things that just aren’t nice!

Here’s another thing they’ve done that isn’t nice.

I’m sure they’ll try and claim it was a bug in their app, but I don’t believe that!



I think my new car is jinxed. First the windscreen got cracked while we were on holiday; now a pheasant is stuck in the grill!

The car is booked in to have the pheasant removed tomorrow and to find the extent of the damage. Hopefully, it only needs a new plastic grill!

Euro Elections

I’ve just been watching some of the news coverage of the results of the European election that took place this week. One of the things they’ve been reporting is how the turnout has dropped consistently since the first Euro election 30-odd years ago. Frankly, I’m not surprised at that – I didn’t hear anything about the election until about two or three days before hand! No party political broadcasts; no visits from prospective candidates; no literature through the door!

I did go and vote last Thursday (the UK usually votes on a Thursday, not a Sunday); the length of the ballot paper was somewhat daunting, especially when I didn’t have a clue about the candidates! So much so, I seriously considered just leaving the paper blank and dropping it in the box. Still, I guess there’s one thing we do know about these elections – it won’t change an awful lot!