One of the restaurants in the hotel is a Japanese restaurant, with a tepanyaki bar. They do a very fine tepanyaki steak! Trust me, it tastes as good as it looks!

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Fleas Jumping

My son did his maths homework today. The worksheet he was working on was titled ‘Fleas Jumping’; the sheet had various addition and subtraction questions, with pictures of cats and fleas jumping between them. It’s very different to the way I was taught, but he seems to understand it. It took his mother and me […]

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Upcoming black belt grading

At my taekwondo session this evening, the instructor was singling out a particular black tag (1st kup) who will be taking her black belt grading in just over a week. The idea was to simulate the pressure she’ll be under at the grading itself. She coped pretty well with it; she has definitely been studying […]

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