Rules of tackling

At Johnathon’s tag rugby session this morning, the coach introduced a bit of contact tackling (some of the players will be playing in the next age group up next season, so need to know about this sort of thing).

The coach gave the players three rules of tackling:

  • Eyes on thighs
  • Cheek to cheek
  • Ring of steel

Eyes on thighs

Keep your eyes on your opponents thighs. If he is going to change direction, you’ll see it in his thighs first.

Cheek to cheek

In the tackle, get your face cheek against his butt cheek. This will mean your head is behind his body, so won’t get squashed when he falls to the ground.

Ring of steel

Wrap your arms tightly around your opponent’s waist. This will help stop their movement and bring them down.


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