Two step sparring

Here are some points about two step sparring that I picked up at today’s session.

  • For the second “set”, where the counter attack is a sliding side elbow strike, it is down to the student to decide if they should step across before sliding. It depends on what position the attacker has ended: is a step actually needed or not?
  • For the third set, where the counter attack is a knee strike, the defender should grab the attacker behind the head. In class, however, students should grab their opponent on the shoulders instead. This reduces the chance of injuring someone’s neck! At a grading, the grasp should be behind the neck to show that you understand the technique.
  • For the forth set, where the counter attack is a front snap kick followed by a twin upset punch, the defender must decide which leg to kick with based on how far away the attacker is. If the attacker is close, kick from the front leg; if they are further away, kick from the back leg.

Of course, you should always remember to follow what your instructor tells you. The tips here are merely what my instructor has told me.


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