Storm Damage!

A couple of weeks ago, there were some pretty big storms with lots of wind and rain. The tomatoes (and other plants!) suffered under the onslaught; a lot of the tomatoes and several sweetcorn plants were at a decidedly odd angle when the sun came out again!
Blown over!
Obviously, the plants needed to be straightened.
All straight again!
So, we had to ‘plant’ some bamboo canes to help get the plants upright; the kids were very helpful passing canes and bits of string, although they did seem to like prodding and poking with the canes!

Now everything is pointing in the right direction, everything seems to be okay with no lasting damage!


Tiny tomatoWell, not exactly, but there are the first signs of tomatoes on the plants! They are very small, and some seem to have funny things hanging from the bottom, but they’re still tomatoes!
Small hanging thing
While not wanting to count chickens before they’ve hatched, we do seem to be having some success growing our own vegetables. The sweetcorn plants we’ve planted are growing quite well, too!