Flowering Tomatoes

Flowers and leaves
The tomatoes have been growing reasonably well and they’ve started flowering. They haven’t got particularly tall, which is a bit of a surprise.
Tomato DancePoser!
Not so tallThe kids are crouching next to the tomato plants, to give you an idea how tall they have got (the plants that is, not the kids!).
So now we’re wondering how tall the tomatoes are supposed to get. Since these photos were taken, it looks like a cat has forced its way between the two lines of tomato plants; the plants on the left (behind Johnathon) are shading the spring onions!

One thought on “Flowering Tomatoes

  1. Tomatoes grown out side do not get as big as quickly as those in a greenhouse. In my greenhouse the are about 3 ft tall Outside they are only 18-24 ins.

    Don’t worry they will pick up. Make sure you support them with a stick and give them some tomatorite fertilizer.

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